Green W3 – MindFood connecting nature to Mental health

MindFood are Ealing-based charity supporting people with depression, anxiety and stress to improve their wellbeing through food-growing, garden diy and nature-inspired creativity sessions. They connect nature to mental health.

Their sessions run 6 days a week at two gorgeous Ealing Borough gardens. Their plot at the Cleveley Crescent Allotments by Hanger Lane is the nearest to Acton, and they have sessions there on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Their free weekly two-hour ‘Growing Wellbeing’ course can help you tackle stress, anxiety and depression in a natural way.  The course is a fun balance of learning how to grow food, plus practical tips and techniques like mindfulness to improve your wellbeing. It’s very relaxed and informal; there’s no obligation to discuss your problems or share feelings – which is a concern for many! In actual fact, the gardens offer space to escape the pressures and stresses of daily life…they can usually wait an hour or two while you prioritise your own self care.

If you have a particular problem that needs resolving, you can chat this through with the session leader either at the plot, or over the phone and they can signpost specialist support.

Mindfood at the Acton Market Reduce and Recycle hub

Mindfood Project

We caught up with Lucy Clark MindFood Programme Director Food & Wellbeing Grower, at our February Reduce and Recycle Hub to find out more about this project and how you can get involved.

How long has the project been established in Ealing?

MindFood has been a registered charity for 3 years, and a social enterprise for 8 years before that. It’s been running the W5 garden for 9 years.

How does your project help Acton be greener, taste less and save money?

It’s difficult to really care for the planet if you don’t have a connection with nature. Its good for people without a green space to come and learn about food growing and for them to taste organically grown produce straight from the plot – it couldn’t be fresher, and absolutely zero food miles! We find it inspires people to grow more and buy less and its also a good step into the community for people suffering from mental health difficulties and isolation.

How can Acton Residents get involved with your project?

If you are in Acton and you want to get involved in our project by taking one of our 6 week courses check out the details below. 1 in 4 people in the UK and 1 in 2 people in London struggle with mental health conditions – many people come to us seeking help and discover that they’re absolutely not alone, that it’s ‘normal’ to feel overwhelmed at times, and that a few simple wellbeing techniques can make all the difference.

How do residents of Acton and the surrounding areas benefit from the long term goals and success of your project?

When people come to MindFood it really helps them with their wellbeing as connecting with nature and food helps them to deal with stress and anxiety.  They can join our rolling programmes and get started whenever they like. We just ask people to register first so we can understand any support needs.

What is your favourite thing about your project and how it helps the community be more green

Every day I see people making a connection with nature that can be the beginning of greener ,healthier and happier life.

Find out more about Mind Food and sign up to their projects visits

Or visit them on social media at

Mindfood is one of the organisations that comes along to the Acton Market Reduce and Recycle hub that runs on the first Saturday of the month. Come and find out more.

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