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The Reduce and Recycle hub is a monthly event is to help local Acton and Ealing residents Reduce and Recycle. The hub usually runs on the first Saturday of the month from 10 am to 3 pm alongside the Acton Saturday MarketW3. See our Events calendar for upcoming dates. We want to encourage you to think about what you consume, and start using and wearing items for as longer, reduce how much you waste, reuse items more and when you no longer need them, recycle them responsibly at the hub or elsewhere.

The Reduce and Recycle hub was set up with a two year lottery funded project and one of 21 community-led projects focused on waste and consumption awarded Lottery through their Climate Action fund to tackle the climate emergency. National Lottery focused on this area as their research found that four in five adults in the UK (79%) think local communities are responsible for taking action on climate change. The research also found that half (54%) of people are worried about the impact of climate on their local community.

At our monthly hubs we gather together lots of great organisations and businesses that help people to reduce, reuse and recycle.   

When and Where

The Reduce and Recycle Hubs are held on the first Saturday of every month from 10 am to 3 pm, on the Mount in Acton, Outside of Morrisons, in Acton MarketW3.

Check out our news articles to see who is taking part and what activities will be happening at our next event here.

What Happens at our Reduce and Recycle hubs

Our Reduce and Recycle hubs are promoting reducing waste and circular economy, so at each event we encourage you to:

RECYCLE by bringing along you old or unloved:

  • Clothing and Shoes: Full Traid list here and booking
  • Small electrical appliances: must be small – they should be small enough to fit in a shopping bag 
  • Ask for advice from ActforEaling at their Recycling challenge stall about recycling and where to take it



  • Book swap: Thanks to Churchfield Community Association, we have a popular book swap. So bring along your old books or take some of our lovely books.
  • Shop with our pre loved traders or with many of our stall holders who sell returns and seconds from the high street at a reduced price from sportswear, womenswear and menswear. Come along and grab a bargain, knowing you will be helping reducing waste as well as saving money. 

What we have achieved

Our Reduce and Recycle hub launched in October 2022 with the aim to reduce waste and recycle more. Here is what we achieved in 2023.

Since the hubs began in October 2022 we have saved:

  • Saved 122kg of unwanted clothes and shoes from going to landfill
  • Collected 43kgs of small electrical items for recycling
  • Reduced carbon emissions (CO2) by 1.15 tonnes
  • Helped save 199m3 of Water
  • Taught Clothes Repair
  • Repaired kitchen and garden tools
  • Promoted watch repair services on site
  • Promoted clothing traders onsite selling, returns , seconds and preloved accessories

How you can get involved

If you are interested in finding out about our next event sign up for our newsletter here

If you are interested in trading your product or service at the hub apply here

If you would like to Volunteer to support the hub – please visit here

Our Partners

All our Reduce and Recycle activities happens because of all the brilliant support we get from the great local organisations, charities and local businesses. A big thank you to:

Reduce and Recycle Achievements

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