Reacton Refurbished bikes

High-Quality Refurbished Bikes for Sale in Acton Market

ReActon sells excellent selection of refurbished bikes at Acton Market every Friday and the first Saturday of every month. Offering a selection of high-quality refurbished bikes for sale in Acton including adults, youth and kids bikes. It’s a great opportunity to find the perfect ride for you and your family. Prices range from £30 to £200 depending on brand and size. Refurbished and preloved bikes all come with a three month warranty with some bikes at less than half their price when brand new.

Sadly in todays a disposable society using and then throwing stuff away has become the norm. In contrast the world is grappling with environmental challenges and depleting resources, recycling and reusing is very much needed. We need to move to a circular economy where we use things for longer and repair them over their lifetime. The longer we use our bikes the less cost of its manufacturer to the environment. Transport for London Research found that there is an estimated annual total of 27,500 potential discarded bicycles in London. Many of these bikes are just dumped and most end up in landfill.

Cycling does protects the environment, but how we get rid of our bikes often isn’t good for the environment. So this is where ReActon steps in and sells Refurbished Bikes. They are diverting bikes and repairing for us to enjoy. These Refurbished Bikes for Sale in Acton provide cheap and sustainable transport options.

ReActon also offers Free Tyre Checks and chain checks. Discounted bike services are also available, you pay for only for the parts needed. No labour to pay for, you simple pay for parts. Get your bike running smoothly again for less than half of what you’d usually pay!

Want help to get cycling or walking? 

The Walk and Wheel W3 hub based in Friary Park estate close to Acton Main Line (beside the Friary Park community centre) run by Sustrans. The W3 Hub is for anyone who wants to make more walking and cycling journeys. At the Friary park hub you can borrow a cycle, talk about quiet walking and cycling routes. Plus you can receive some training or guidance on riding a bike. You can also book on a free cycling course for you, the family or the kids.

ReActon Refurbishing bikes

ReActon work with the Ealing Council and West London Waste Authority to put bicycles back into the community. All of these bikes were destined to be thrown away so ReActon fully refurbish them and add a three month warranty. Then they sell the bikes back into the community at a much cheaper rate than brand new. Prices range depending on the bike type, but they are priced to give people to have as much access to bikes for fitness and transport as possible.

You can find ReActon bike stall at Market Place outside Morrisons every Friday from 10am until around 3 pm. Once a month they join the Reduce and Recycle hub at Acton Market on the first Saturday a month.

Reacton Refurbished bikes for sale at Acton Market
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