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Cultivate London is a social enterprise and charity which works to improve health and wellbeing across London by encouraging and supporting local communities to engage with their green spaces. By sharing horticulture and environmental knowledge, they enable people of all ages to better connect with their community.

They are currently working on a Green Waste project in South Acton. This project will collect green waste from the local community and process this within a purpose-built biodigester to produce liquid fertiliser, compost and biogas. These products will be re-used on the site supporting a growing system that will produce vegetables, herbs and salads within a mix of open and hydroponic growing systems. The produce will be shared among volunteers and local partners that have helped provide the resources. Seeds will be harvested and shared at satellite gardens and associated groups.

Cultivate London at Reduce and Recycle hub at Acton Market

A purpose-built workshop will also harvest waste timber and structures and house a making shed to create planters, beds, garden furniture and other upcycled objects.

This project will also:

  • Create a green waste solution that could be adopted by other councils and communities across the country.
  • Create a workshop space to reuse items within the growing system
  • Utilise electric cargo bikes and hand held carry caddies for collecting and delivering materials from local partners
  • Grow and share fresh produce created using the liquid fertiliser and compost  produced by processing the green waste

We caught up with the project leads for this Acton project, at our February Reduce and Recycle hub, to find out more about it. 

Cultivate London Green Waste Project

How long has the Cultivate London project been in Acton?

This is a new project, we began fundraising for it in 2022 and continued through 2023/24.  We now have enough funding to move to the preparation stage. In the spring the Biodigester will be installed on site in South Acton. From there the project will commence and the circle will start.

How does your project help Acton and residents be greener, waste less and save money? Will the area benefit from the long term goals and success of your project?

This project will encourage Acton residents and local organisations such as food banks to recycle their green food waste  with us. This waste will then  fuel the Biodigester.  The recycled veg will be turned into compost and liquid fertiliser which will be used to grow plants and veg. The waste will also produce a small amount of biogas which will be used to provide additional heat for the polytunnel where the plants and veg will be grown.  A portion of what we will grow will then be donated back to the community,  neighbours and collaborators.  In the long term the project is also going to help local people to learn  more about veg and plants.

Can Acton Residents get involved with your project?

At the moment Acton residents can follow our social media channels or visit our website (details below). Once the Biodigester is installed and up and running we will be asking local residents to bring us their vegetable food waste so we can start turning it into compost, fertiliser and biogas. Residents can also help us grow our crops and learn green skills in the process by volunteering over the spring and summer season.

What is your favourite thing about your project and how it helps the community be more green

This is a breakthrough project and the first in Acton. It aligns with new green policies laid out by Ealing Council and the fact that the waste is converted into three uses is very exciting.  We can’t wait to get started!!

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