Climate Cast Podcast – With Reduce and Recycle Hub Manager Mary Horesh and Sean McCormack

Mary Horesh, our Reduce and Recycle Hub Manager, recently took part in the University of West London, Climate Cast podcast. Also joining Mary was Dr Sean McCormack from Ealing Wildlife group. Ealing Wildlife group have many great projects on increasing biodiversity including introducing beavers to Ealing, which Sean talks about in the podcast. Mary Horesh who runs our Reduce and Recycle hub, also founded and runs Ealing Repair cafe. Ealing Repair cafe encourages and teaches people how to mend their clothes and Mary discusses the impact of fashion on our planet and how we can make a difference. The Podcast is created by University of West London (UWL) students studying journalism and you can keep up to date with by following at @_ByteNews_ on X

The full podcast is here for you to listen to about how Ealing beavers are settling in at Ealing from Sean and how important valuing you clothes and reducing fast fashion:

Here is a an introduction to what is covered by the podcast and the making of it at University West London recording studio:

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