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Where in Acton can you recycle?

Whilst the Market W3’s Reduce and Recycle Hub takes a break, we have come up with a list of places in W3 and close to W3 where you can recycle all manner of items or send them for reuse.

  1. There are recycle containers in Morrisons Car park for clothing, plastics bags and wrapping  
  2. You can donate unwanted but usable items to Scope on Acton High Street or Cape on Churchfield Road
  3. You can take unwanted books to the book swap shelves at Acton Central Station
  4. You can recycle many items at the Recycle cycle centre at  Park Royal, Abbey Road, NW10 7TJ
  5. Sainsburys on Horn Lane, Acton – Accepts batteries for recycling
  6. Co-op Acton Horn Lane, Acton – Accepts plastic bags, food wrapping and batteries
  7. Superdrug  in The Oaks Shopping Centre, Acton – Accepts beauty and grooming products
  8. There is a Roadside Recycling Point, Reusable Items Only, Bromyard Avenue/The Vale, Acton, W3 7BE – Accepts Clothing, Household linens, Shoes & bags
  9. Tesco Superstore Acton 31 The Vale, Acton – Accepts plastics and wrapping and batteries
  10. Booker Cash and Carry, Curricle Street, Acton – Accept batteries

If you know of anymore please let us know in the comments below or on social media

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