Reduce and Recycle hub, Saturday 5th November

On Saturday 5th November, the Reduce and Recycle Hub returns to MarketW3 in Acton with lots of great organisations and businesses helping us to reduce, reuse and recycle and promote the circular economy.  As well as all our great regular traders and ethnic food stalls.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Hub
First Reduce and Recycle hub in October. Ealing repair cafe showing how to mend your clothes and a workshop on how to use old t-shirts to make into yarn.

Reduce and Recycle hub is held on the first Saturday of the month at Acton Market. Our focus of the hub is on Waste Reduction and circular economy. We were fortunate to win lottery funding to support the project and so looking to build it into a useful hub of help, support and education for our local community. We are making it a regular monthly feature of the market.

RECYCLE by bringing along your old or unloved:

  • Clothing and Shoes
  • Small electrical appliances
  • Laptops
  • PLUS Take part in ActForEalings Recycle challenge

REUSE by getting help to:

REPAIR by getting help to:

  • Learning to fix your Clothes
  • Gardening and Kitchen Tools sharpened
  • Getting your Bikes checked (2 pm-5 pm)


  • Stir it up Family Recipe Bags with minimal packaging

Did you know that Acton market already has stalls involved in the recycling and the circular economy?

Many of our stall holders sell returns and seconds from the high street, such as menswear, womenswear and sportswear at a reduced price. So come along and grab a bargain, knowing you will be helping reducing waste as well as saving money. 


Donate your old laptops to the Fixing Factory: We will have a collection point for laptops that will be wiped clean and fixed by the Fixing factory team at one of their sites and passed onto a new owner.  For more information on this great project

Clothes, shoes and small electrical items will be collected and passed onto Traid. As a charity, Traid is committed to protecting the environment and reducing world poverty by recycling, fundraising and campaigning in the UK. If you cant make it to the market Traid also offers a doorstep collection in partnership with Ealing council for details on the service and how to book a doorstep collection


Take part in ActForEaling Recycle challenge: ActforEaling will be there guiding you on what can recycle in Ealing doorstep collection. Come along for an take part in our recycling challenge on what goes in the blue green and grey doorstep bins.


Learn how to repair your clothes with Ealing Repair cafe who will help teach how to patch and darn your clothes. Come along and pick up their guide on patching and darning. Their volunteers will be there offering advice and friendly chat. So bring along your favorite clothes to mend. By extending the life of your clothes helps the planet as well as saving you money.  The Ealing Repair café is run by volunteers and meets up monthly in Ealing Broadway. For more information, go to their website 

Reduce Reuse Recycle Hub - Ealing Repair Cafe

Get your bike checked over by Dr Bike in partnership with Ealing Council where mechanics will carry out minor repairs on the spot and give advice on how to look after your bike to keep you riding all year round. Dr Bike is at Acton Market, first Saturday of the month, from 2-5pm. Ealing Council offer Cycle training and Dr Bike cycle maintenance around the borough.

Sharpen your Gardening and Kitchen tools with Dave at Renew Sharpening. Dave will be offering a drop off and delivery service at the market around W3 and W4. Items can sharpen most tools, such as knives, scissors, garden tools, woodworking tools and construction tools


Stir it up Vegetarian Family Recipe Bags established in 2021 is a local recipe bag delivery service (Ealing, Brentford, Kew, Chiswick, Acton, Richmond and Isleworth). Stir it up specialise in quick, nutritious vegetarian family foods. We source seasonal veg from organic farms (often as close as Chiswick House) and use minimal packaging and compostable packaging. Stir it up is a Community Interest Company and put people and planet before profit.


Hammersmith Library of things will be at the market where you can borrow useful household items for DIY, cleaning, gardening, events, entertainment and more for a few pounds per day. Within easy reach of Acton, The Library of Things is based in Hammersmith, in a borrowing kiosk inside Livat Hammersmith, King Street, London W6 9HW. Visit their website to find out more on what you can borrow

Friends of the Earth,, our local environmental group, will be there updating us on their United for Warm Homes campaign, the climate emergency and other environmental issues.

United for Warm Homes is a growing movement of community groups and activists from all walks of life campaigning for a common goal: warm homes for all. There are long-lasting solutions to cut our bills, keep our homes warm and reduce carbon emissions.

Come along and find out how the United for Warm Homes campaign is going to help solve the energy crisis.  

Churchfield Road Association also joins us, as part of the community group who supports the market and the Acton area.

The next dates for the Reduce and Recycle hub for 2022:

  • Saturday, 5th November
  • Saturday, 3rd December
  • Saturday, 7th January

If your organisation, community group or as a trader are interested in getting a stall or can volunteer to help run some of the activities, please email

First Reduce and Recycle Hub was a great success

On Saturday 5th November Acton Saturday Market W3 launched their Reduce and Recycle Hub during The Great Big Green Week.

  • 99 kg of unwanted clothes and shoes saved from landfill by Traid, which reduced carbon emissions (CO2) by 0.95 tonnes and water savings of 160m3.
  • 43 kgs of small electrical items collected which will be recycled.

Plus lots of great conversations and leaflets taken on what is going on in the area. Design it yourself demonstrated how to recycled old t-shirts into yarn and easily used to knit, weave or plait into useful items. Sustrans had lots of great feedback on their walking and cycling hub for Acton. If you want to respond, you can do it online here.

What is the circular economy?

At ReLondon, they define a circular economy as one in which stuff is kept in use for as long as possible, delivering the highest value it can, for as long as it can. So rather than making, using and then throwing stuff away the current linear system, a circular economy means looking at each of those stages for new ways of cycling materials and value back into the system – using materials and products again and again, in many different forms. For more information

The Reduce and Recycle Hub project at Acton Market is part of the lottery funded project, part of the Climate Action Fund. For more information on the project

If you are interested in booking a stall for this event or another Saturday, please get in touch by applying for a stall.

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