Acton Reduce and Recycle Hub goes on tour

Acton Reduce and Recycle hub went on tour for the day to Imperial College for their Sustainability week on Tuesday 21st February. We invited our partner organisations which are involved in waste reduction and circular economy.  

Mary travelled light and took the tube with the Ealing Repair Shopping Trolley which was great for all our leaflets and equipment.

Mary with the Ealing Repair cafe shopping trolley to travel light
Reduce and Recycle Hub at Imperial College Sustainability week

Ealing Clothes Repair café demonstrated clothes repair and, on the day, helped repair 3 items, 2 of which they were wearing at the time. They spoke to over 40 people on how valuing and mending clothes is the way forward. They have patching and darning guides, all you need to get started hand sewing, samples of patched and darned clothes and mending books to inspire how easy it is to get started.

We also got to show off the new signage made from some old tote bags with the great slogans Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, using scrap fabric as the backing.

Mending a woolen cardigan hole

Hammersmith Library of things, a social enterprise that encourages people to borrow than buy, from things like steam cleaners, staple guns, to waffle machines and ice cream makers. One group of students liked the idea so much that they decided to plan a party around hiring items, the projector for films, the sound system for karaoke, with the waffle and ice cream maker for treats.

Hammersmith Library of things offer many things to borrow than buy

Reduce and Recycle hub also promoted Traid who offers a free doorstep clothes collection to raise money for their great charity. Traid is committed to protecting the environment and reducing world poverty by recycling, fundraising and campaigning in the UK. Students were also told about the Fixing Factory which are collecting unloved laptops and refurbishing them and passing them onto those who need laptops.

We hope to partner with more organisations wanting to run sustainable events and support them in their event. If you would like to partner with us email

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